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It's Only Fashion

Dresden Dolls

The Immortal Friendship of Chaun Loose & Maddison Rothery

August 11,2015

We catch up with partners-in-crime Chaun Loose and Maddison Rothery over a bowl of spaghetti at Hollywood’s famed The Dresden Restaurant.


What’s the best text you’ve ever received from one another?

Chaun: Maddison made a photo album of my cat and I because she missed us and wanted to make sure all our memories were in an easily accessible folder.

Maddison: We share a Spotify account (meaning I hijacked Chaun’s) and she occasionally catches me playing some questionable tunes. I practically live in my car and after three hours of sitting in traffic sometimes you just need a little Drake to remind you that there are worse things in the world than the 405.

So, how many times have you bailed each other out of jail?

Chaun + Maddison: We actually escaped jail together.

What’s your poison of choice?

Chaun: Maddison

Maddison: Chaun

What was your last meal?

Chaun + Maddison: Locali breakfast sandwiches and nacho cheese Doritos with a big cold brew coffee to wash it all down. Just trying to get bikini ready.




Fave undercover spot in LA?

Chaun + Maddison: El Sauz in Glendale and The Smell

Fave clothing item you’ve lost and how you lost it?

Chaun: I got this really cool beanie from Greece that was red and black and I wore it every day. Two winters ago I was in Philly on the way back from a shoot and left it in a cab. I miss it every day and have considered taking up knitting in order to replace it.

Maddison: In my dorm at boarding school we had communal laundry, two washers and two dryers for a building of 40+ girls. Doing laundry was a constant battle, you had to watch it like a hawk or it would inevitably end up in a soggy pile on the floor if someone got feisty and wanted the washing machine. One time someone did this exact scenario to me except they took it a step further—my favorite paper thin, falling to pieces t-shirt was missing.

What does ‘It’s Only Fashion’ mean to you?

Maddison + Chaun: We both think personal style is important, it shows a side of yourself that perhaps isn’t immediately visible otherwise. Playing with fashion is great, it should be an expression of yourself, it should be fun, it should be experimental. ‘It’s Only Fashion’ to us means that there shouldn’t be stress involved. You should dress however you like and not feel pressured to stick to any certain trends or rules.

How much money do you need to have a good time and why?

Maddison + Chaun: Enough to feed your cats. Self explanatory.


Photos by Glori Reantaso / Maddison Rothery / Chaun Loose

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