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    3 Ways To Re-Motivate Yourself When You Feel Burned-Out

    BB Dakota's resident wellness guru Janel Wierenga gives the 411 on finding motivation when you're just not feeling it.


    I have been a personal trainer for 15 years. Sometimes, I think my clients perceive me as some kind of superhero that effortlessly wakes up early, full of energy, ready to conquer the day and inspire the world to fitness! They think I live in the gym, eat clean every day, and look and feel my best with the perfect attitude and the perfect hair.

    Wrong! I often deal with the same battles as my clients. I get burned out, hit plateaus, struggle with my weight, and have a shortage of motivation. But, I also know it’s never too late to take charge and get back on track. With conscious effort, you can create the right momentum to restore structure in your life and maintain the discipline to keep going!

    Positive change begins with a positive start. A strong morning routine is the foundation for a great day. If you invest in yourself early then you will create the right perspective that allows you to stay focused throughout the day.

    You must wake up early (which also means you must go to bed on time). If you’re only giving yourself 30-minutes before you have to leave for work or hop on an important phone call, then your day is likely starting full of stress. If your day begins stressful, it’s hard to be mentally prepared to combat the demands of that day. I know that if I don’t follow the steps below, then I manage to get through my day feeling frazzled, disorganized, and hungry!


    The early mornings are a sacred time. Use it to fill your mind with thoughts of gratitude and hopeful expectation. You will find peace when you glorify the right things first and let go of your anxieties or fears. Every morning, set aside time to meditate on the truth that love overcomes all things. Consider the beauty a brand-new day brings and rejoice! 


    Embrace your discontentment and be honest. Ask yourself what’s pushing you off course? What are you doing and who are you doing it with? What vices battle for your attention? Be honest with yourself regarding your time, environment, and productivity. Think about what boundaries you need to set regarding sleep, food, alcohol, and entertainment. The answers won’t come all at once, but if you commit to creating the best experience each day, then each day will get better. Your willingness to explore your behaviors and set parameters will strengthen and empower you to keep on keeping on!


    You must hold yourself accountable. Lasting motivation comes from within and from your willingness to be better than the previous day. That said, when you’re feeling burned out, look to others for a motivational boost. People often make better choices when they know others are relying on them. Go support somebody else in their pursuit of betterment. Your encouragement and feedback will matter to them! In doing that, you’ll likely find an accountability partner who will do the same for you.

    These actions will keep you going, even on those days you just “don’t feel like it.” But don’t forget to also give yourself permission to recharge. Take a time out! Do it daily, weekly, or monthly, in a way that feels luxurious and nourishing to you. Before you know it, your energy will rise, your thoughts will clear and your true potential will be back to shine!


    Janel Wierenga lives in Irvine, California and has been a personal trainer for 15 years.  She is passionately committed to improving the health and fitness of her community, and inspires her clients to achieve major goals at her private gym, PowerLab Workouts. Janel believes everyone can train like an athlete no matter age or experience. Focusing on cardiovascular conditioning, Janel’s workouts are fun, challenging, and always changing, pushing boundaries and stimulating new achievements. 


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