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    Live FAST Tour: BFF Travel Tips

    It is the most rewarding experience traveling with a group of like-minded women who want to see the world and make amazing, lasting memories. Not only do your experiences change you as a person, but also you learn so much from the people you surround yourself with. That said, it’s not always easy appeasing the whole group when you are at the mercy of a strange and unknown adventure. Here are a few tips for traveling with your girls, and keeping your journey on the happy trail…


    1. Don’t skip meals

    Food – the fuel of life – is essential to happy times on the road. When you’re traveling with a bunch of people for a long time, sometimes we get emotional, cranky and more often than not, it’s just cause we’re hangry. Always travel with snacks, nuts and other sweet treats so that when one of the gang gets a little fussy, you can give her a little chocolate to chew on.


    2. Encourage everyone to get creative

    It doesn’t matter who’s got the official role as photographer, videographer, or model. I think the longer you travel together, the more the roles will blend. With a few GoPros, film cameras, polaroids and DSLR’s, it makes it easy for everyone to get excited to create. When one of the girls feels a little dip in energy, the others can pick up. Don’t forget to snap the silly moments when someone’s sleeping with their mouth wide open on the plane. Validate each other’s work and talent at all times and most importantly, challenge each other as often as you can!



    3. Let everyone have their alone time

    There isn’t a need to be filling voids with conversations all the time. Sometimes the best way to enjoy company is in silence. We were stoked to get away from each other for a bit of introspection, and even more stoked to return and report on our solo musings. But you don’t have to go rogue. Find some alone time with a nice warm bath, or writing on the balcony of your hotel. There are so many ways to sneak a moment alone in a group.




    4. Allow yourself to be a child at heart

    Recently I watched an interview with a 90-year-old actor who admitted his secret to a happy life: singing all the time. “I’ve never seen someone sing with a frown on their face.” Whatever makes you smile and allows you to feel the genuine happiness and childlike wonder – whether it’s a stuffed animal, a silly song, writing in your journal, cuddling, writing names in the sand – do it! Your good attitude will keep the mood of the whole group up.




    5. Safety First

    I tend to travel with independent, smart and empowered women who don’t always want to do the same thing at the same time. Even though we’re traveling together, it’s essential to leave some freedom. However, leaving one girl out at night is a pet peeve of mine, for several reasons, but mostly because of safety. Just like you would at home, watch your (and your friends’) cocktails and don’t let strangers buy you drinks. Always trust your gut, if something smells fishy about that foreign hottie your BFF is chatting up, say something. It also helps to learn a few basic phrases to get by so you sound more like a local and people will hassle you less.


    Photography: Laura Austin & Ali Mitton

    Words: Vivianne Lapointe, editor at Live FAST Magazine

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