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    Style Crush: Meet The Mother & Daughter Duo Behind Oh Darling Blog

    Getting to know Katie (mom) and Lydia (daughter), whose unique lifestyle blog offers a refreshing perspective from two generations.


    Who’s idea was it to start a blog together & what inspired you?

    K: I brought up the idea to Lydia that we should start a blog. For as long as we can remember, we both have loved fashion. We feel like we have been reading and following blogs before you even knew what a blogger was.


    Do you think you've influenced each other’s style?

    K: I will dress things up a little more. I like to wear heels, blazers, and add accessories like belts and hats when I’m going out. 

    L: I definitely have a more casual and simple style. I always find myself wearing t-shirts, jeans, and 99.9% of the time sneakers. We both have an obsession with graphic tees and style them with just about anything in our closets. 

    K: Lydia helps me be slightly more youthful and stay on trend. I was always a heel girl until Lydia brought me over to the sneaker world. Now you’ll see me style a lot of my looks with sneakers. 

    L: My mom has always been into fashion, so growing up I would always dress up in her clothes and heels. I think that has really influenced my style. 

    Has fashion always been a big part of your relationship?

    L: Most definitely, yes! We have always gone shopping together and as I got older, my mom would take my friends and me shopping as well.


    Would you say that blogging together has brought you closer together?

    K&L: We have always had a close relationship, but we wouldn’t say blogging has brought us closer together. We have a personal relationship and a working relationship. Since blogging is our business, we each have different roles when it comes to Instagram, the blog, taking photos, etc. 

    What are some things you admire about each other?

    K: Lydia is someone who has always had the biggest heart. She is kind to everyone, is patient and loving, and very compassionate. In the blogging world, I really admire all the work and research Lydia puts into everything that we do. She continually wants to improve and always works until she gets things just the way she wants them to be. 

    L: My mom is the most selfless person I know. She has always been the type of person to put others before herself, which I really admire. She is such a hard worker, insanely supportive, and has the biggest heart when it comes to our family. Blogging-wise, I can’t express enough how supportive my mom is in all of our decisions. She contributes so much to our blog/Instagram, is always there to listen, and to help me out when I feel overwhelmed. 


    Have you learned any lessons from working together?

    K&L: It’s hard to work with others! You have to learn to compromise, when to ask for help, be willing to let things go and to not take things personally. 

    K&L: We’re so thankful to be able to do this together while creating memories like the silly mistakes we quickly learned from, as well as how far we’ve come in 2.5 years.

    For more from Katie & Lydia, check out Oh Darling Blog!



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