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    betch stole our clothes

    After an unforgettable night
    toppling champagne towers,
    galavanting with handsome characters and
    one unfortunate run-in with the hostess,
    the girls realize their luggage is still inside!
    They have to sneak back in
    and get what's rightfully theirs...

    It's Mission: Sartorial

    thankfully, the key to the chateau
    is under the doormat

    Who even does that?

    anyways, so they tip-toe through the garden
    ready to strike

    determined to get back their coveted
    bb dakota wardrobe... at any cost.

    They Look High & low

    oh so high

    and in the mirror (just in case)

    Finally They Discover The goods!

    They Pack up every last frock

    but not before striking a quick pose
    (as one does in a chateau)

    lesson learned:
    keep your friends close
    and your bb dakota closer.

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